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I Learned From You

Miley Cyrus

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G
(intro 2x) G Am C

(verso 1)
G                Am
  I didn't wanna listen
to what you were saying
  G              Am
I thought that I knew
      C           D
all I need to know
G             Am
  I didn't realize that
somewhere inside me
  G             Am
I knew you were right
      C            D
but I couldn't say so

Am           C
  I can take care
of myself (yeah)
Am              C   D
  You taught me well

Em             C
I learned from you
     G        D
That I do not crumble
Em              C
I learned that strength
   G             D
is something you choose
Em         C
All of the reasons to
G       D
keep on believing
(keep on believing)
  There's no question
that's a lesson
I learned from you

(interludio 2x) G Am C

(verso 2)
E                  F#m
  We always don't agree
on what is the best way
   E          F#m
To get to the place that
      A          B
we're going from here
E                  F#m
  But I can really trust you
and give you the distance
   E           F#m
To make your decisions
    A       B
without any fear


(interludio 2x) G Am C

  You taught me to
stand on my own
And I thank you for that
it saved me it made me
Bb                 F
  And now that I'm looking
           Eb       D
back I can say (woahhhhh)

(interludio 2x) G Am C

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Acordes para:
    Composição: Matthew Gerrard / Steve Diamond Colaboración y revision:
    • Haloana Costa
    • Caroline Sônego

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