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Last Train To Clarksville

The Monkees

Cifrado: Versão 3 (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: F
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 !"#$%&'()*+,*????4????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ND??S}??T???t??     ?      ?       ?       ?       ???=?/?8d?    ??????t? ?       TThe song is pretty simple but it is kind of hard to get down the rythm. The song uses two guitars. This is Intro(first main guitar 2x):l--------------------------|ll--------------------------|ll------0-------------------|ll---------3-2-0------------|ll--------------------------|ll--3-----------------------|l(2nd part of intro 2x, First main guitar)l---------------------------|ll-------------0----0--------|ll------0----0---0-----------|ll---------3---2-------0-----|ll---------------------------|ll--3------------------------|lMain guitar plays the second intro part through out the verse until the C7 switch.[G] take the last train to clarksville and i'll meet you at the station you can be here at 4:30 cause i've my reservation don't be[C7] slow, oh no no no, oh no no no[G] cause i'm leaving in the morning and i won't see you again we'll have one more night together, til the brings my train and i must[C7] go, oh no no no, oh no no no[D] And I don?t know if I?m ever comin? home.Intro (first part)Verses go on the same with all of the chords above, then after that comes a bridge. This part I?m not of, I only definetly know the second guitar part Micky Dolenz, live plays this with power chordsBridge: (GGG, FFF, GGG, FFF, GGG, FFF,GGG, F)Then it goes back to the regular verses with the same chords as above. If you have any questions or any of Monkee songs email me @  *Tab by: Rick Gloren?Times New New Roman?h
???=?/?8???=?/?8d?????????(?????JrMicrosoft Works
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