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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Your star
Shining it's light all through your life
Guiding you on, giving you strength
For living in perfect harmony
Getting it right, keeping it strong
And learn to let our troubles die
Don't be afraid, you'll have the faith
If you just follow, follow your star

Sometimes you're feelin' all alone
And you're needing somewhere to turn
You've got to seek inside your soul
When there's no-one else around.

Just hold your head up
Don't let it get you down
(if) its too high to climb
You can always go around

'cos there's always more than one way
To get you through a bad day
If you only have faith in yourself

When you think you've hurt someone
And their sorrow you can't overcome
Feel like you're heartless and don't care
You need someone to help you out

Just hold out your hand
And you'll be amazed
What you can get through
If you just communicate

It's all about your star
Your guardian, your charm
Your eyes, when you walk through the darkness.

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Otros videos de esta canción
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