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Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: B
Standard (EADGBE)

E - 079900
Emaj7-3 - 079800
E5 - x799xx or 022xxx
B5 - 799xxx or x244xx
A5 - 577xxx or x022xx
C#5 - x466xx
Badd11 - 799800
Aadd9 - 577600
C#m7 - x46600
F#5 - 244xxx
G#5 - 466xxx
D5 - x577xx

E       Emaj7-3 (2x)
E5      B5 (3x) *
A5      C#5      B5

E                   Badd11
All this time I was by her side 
E                                    Badd11
I always felt this close far away 
         E                      Badd11
We would ask the questions that lead to no reply 
     Aadd9          C#m7         Badd11             
With 3 minutes more what would I say?

E5              B5
  A5     C#5    B5                      
I know 
     E5         B5
Come home 
        A5               C#5   B5
Don't waste the last 3 years

(Verse) **
She whispered on about those empty times 
Yeah I would fill them if I could 
She would dream right before me 
And hold me up so high 
I need to find a way to go back into time

I'm always running out of space 
Yet always looking in your face 
        E5                                           G#5        F#5
There's nothing left that you or I could choose 
   D5              C#5    A5
It goes on and on

The last 3 years

E5      B5 (3x)
A5      C#5      B5

And I would walk away with someone else 
Like I don't know you 
'Cause in such different ways 
We'll save these last 3 years


(Chorus) ***

(Chorus) ****

Fills For Lead Guitar:

Fill #1 * (Come in on 3rd time) (4x) (with Wah):
E ---------------------
B ---------------------
G --/8--9--8--9--8v----
D ---------------------
A ---------------------
E ---------------------

Fill #2 ** (Do throughout 2nd verse):
E --------------------------------------------------
B --------7-----------7-----------7-----------7-----
G -----9-----9-----9-----9--------------------------
D --9-----------9--------------9-----9-----9-----9--
A --------------------------9-----------9-----------
E --------------------------------------------------

Fill #3 *** (Before 2nd to last chorus) (with Wah) :
E -----------------
B -----------------
G --/4--6/8--9\8---
D --/x--x/x--x\x---
A --/2--4/6--7\6---
E -----------------

Fill #4 **** (Heard during last chorus) (with Wah) :
E ----------------------
B ----------------------
G --/9\8--8\6--6\4--4---
D --/x\x--x\x--x\x--x---
A --/7\6--6\4--4\2--2---
E -------------
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