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Before Too Long

Reach The Sky

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I can't do this to myself much longer.
Pushing myself aside,
Waiting for you to come around and run to me
Instead of running away.
All this waiting has taught me how to stand alone.
Why should I try to convince you of my worth?
Nothing will change the reasons why you keep me away.
Why would I want to wait around in hopes
That someday you would see that I was right.
Because this may not last us forever and
I wish that I could guarantee that it would.
Although I can't make sure that this will work out,
I will still be here waiting for you.
Can you tell me why I am waiting for you?
It seems like nothing I have done has mattered at all to you.
So what do I have to do for you to notice me?
You think you are just going to push me away,
But I am not going to give you that chance.
I am not going to wait here forever,
I'll be gone before too long.

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Otros videos de esta canción
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  • Camila Gesser

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