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Home ain`t where his heart is (Anymore)

Shania Twain

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: G

   G  ~         C          D               G
1.         He knew how to reach me deep inside,
            C               D              G
    and he found a part of me I could not hide.
              C                 D          Em
    And we'd walk and talk and touch tenderly,
               C               D            G
    then he'd lay me down and make love to me.
        C                 D                 G
    We built a love so strong it couldn't break,
               C             D              G
    there was not a road we were afraid to take.
                   C                D           Em
    And we'd kiss all the way from Arkansas to Rome,
                   C                    D          G
    cause in each other's arms we were home sweet home.
                  C                       G
    But he don't feel the same since our lives became
              Em      C            D
    years of bills, babies, and chains.
 G     D                    Em
Home, home ain't where his heart is anymore.
 G      D              Em
He may hang his hat behind our bedroom door,
     G                D            Em              C
but he don't lay his head down to love me like before.
 G                    D           G       Em - D
Home ain't where his heart is anymore.

           C                D                G
2. If foundations made of stone can turn to dust,
              C                  D                G
    then the hardest hearts of steel can turn to rust.
                 C              D             Em
    If he could only find that feeling once again,
                 C               D             G
    if we could only change the way the story ends.
                 C                     G
    And he may still come home, but I live here alone,
                   Em           C        D
    the love that built these walls is gone.

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