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Sister, Mother

Sixpence None The Richer

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: E
B     C#    E
My life is plagued 
      B             C#    E
by mistakes, broken love, slaps in the face
B       C#         E
But I\'m trying to care, 
   B       C#      D#   E
to dare to embrace your face

E       F#      G#m     F#
Hug him like a brother
E        F#     G#m     F#
Kiss her like a sister
E      F#    G#m  F#    E    Eadd6
Let it be my mother for now

I want to find 
where the maid in the street is pouring her wine
I heard she takes you in
and gives you the words you need said

Chorus 2:
If you\'ll be her brother
She\'ll kiss ya like a sister
She\'ll even be your mother for now

Solo - A  D

d|-9-9-----------9--9-9-11-11h12p9--- x4  -9-9-9s11--
a|-----------------------------------     ---------11 (start of)
E|-----------------------------------                   |
Chorus 3a: (high pitch) (another solo underneath)   022102
Composición de Matt Slocum
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