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We About To Get Fucc Up

Tha Dogg Pound

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What we 'bout to do cuz?
(We about to get fucked up!)
Cigarettes, heron
(We about to get fucked up!)
Coke, crack, ice, blaze it up
(We about to get fucked up!)
Sherm, sherm

Bomb weed, swisher sweets
All types of shit we need
Get me high ever day
Passing by give me weed

(We about to get fucked up!)
Uppers, downers, methamphetamines

Sherm sticks get me to floating I'm a balance the motion
I keep toking, keep loccing, keep smoking, and choking
Keep tooting, keep aiming, paranoid rebooting
Keep setting, getting prepared for busting and shooting
I feel great, super cuz, I can fly, I'm high
I'm the biggest thing a motherfucker could see in his life
I got low eyes, high, sensitive level with no ties
Except to my homeboys, my family, and my life

Get your lighters and prepare for the brush fire
Get high, and high, and high, more and more high
Nigga is we fucked up? Everyday, all day, all night
Everyday all fucking night , every motherfucking night
With a fifth of Hennessy I'm buzzed, with a quarter pound of bud
Me and my niggas is known to smoke it smoke it up
I pop pills, get back in the mood to kill
Getting iller than ill, getting realer than real
What about you, you know the drugs
So all my niggas and my bitches right about now

(You know we about to get fucked up!)
Smoking weed on the curb
See my homeboy chilling swigging ?
(We about to get fucked up!)
To all my smokers smoking dope
Please don't over dose please don't overdose

(We about to get fucked up!)
Getting high, dipping bye, just might crash
That's when I'm high I dip and dash
(We about to get fucked up!)
I smoke weed and hash
I makes all the cash, I makes all the cash

I get hot enough to touch fire and make it go out
I get 20 leagues beneath the sea and I won't drown
I'm a emerge where you least expect me to emerge
And I'm very violent right now with an electrical surge
Since we floating like clouds and I'm surging with electricity
I'm an electrical cloud and I'll fuck you up
To make a long story short take a tote of my 'port
Then head westbound homie, back home to the fort
I'm a green Berea I'm a pimp and I got ho's
That by me nice things, jewelry and clothes
I get high and get to trippin', but that's alright
You know what we do in the day and what we do in the night

We smoking bomb bomb we smoking bomb bomb
We smoking bomb da bomb ba da ba bomb bomb
We smoking bomb bomb we smoking bomb bomb
We smoking bomb da bomb ba da ba bomb bomb
Get your head out your ass and blaze up the grass
Do what I said real quick and real fast
Cigar paper or a zag
We fucking with ounces nigga you still fucking with them bags
Nigga don't make me laugh
Yours is heavily seeded and mines weeded
Stuff it in your ass nigga won't you beat it
I do it like I want it and want it how I can get it
And did it just how I want it
(you see it ain't no thang)

(We about to get fucked up!)
Cuz it's nothing
And see nothing from nothing leaves nothing
(We about to get fucked up!)
Spending G's smoking trees
Every day every day all week and it's nothing to me
(We about to get fucked up!)
Heron, know it's the bomb
Hit it like one more time
(We about to get fucked up!)
Crack, weed, pills, hot sherm,
Regulate to make paper, paper
(It's money nigga. All my niggas getting high packing heat.
Yeah, all my niggas off X, uh huh all my G's.)

Composición de Delmar Daz Arnaud
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Carlos Coelho

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