Cifra Club

One Drop

The Expendables

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

One drop,
until I fill it to the top
and I will not stop,
until I feel like I can float away.
Fill it up,
until to the top of the cup,
but it's never enough
till I feel like I can float away.

(*)Ouu... I feel like I can float away.. Ouu..

(verse 1)

Here we are hours 'til doors.
A Bloody Mary because of the night before.
Don't juice it up,and here we go.
I grab some liquid strength
and on with show.
The doors open seven on the dot.
The crowd is drunk from drinking in the parking lot.
Club fills up from the bottom to the top.
Some one pass the bottle and give me!


(verse 2)

I got my cup, I got my game face on.
The crowd is pumped off a slightly stoopid song.
Ready or not, baby, here we come.
The start up the guitars and add same bass and drums.
Ooh..can you feel it. Ooh..can you feel the vibe.
It's in the air and everyone is high.
A night like this and you'll never wanna stop.
Someone pass the bottle and give me!



I know it gets hard sometimes, being so far from home.
Waking up in the middle of the night, a crowded room and feel so alone.
Thousand miles 'til your next destination, that's how it always is.
But you know its all worth it.
Playing for a crowd like this...

And all you need is....


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