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Call The Police

Thin Lizzy

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Betty was worried about the lover that she has married
And she didn't know what to do
He'd been hit by a hammer on the head and he lay dead
An' all her worst fears had come true

Call the police
Call the police
Call the police
Call the police

Johnny was a joker and a very heavy smoker
And he never ever broke the law
Thin miss lizzy was a-kept very busy
And sometimes very dizzy, we knew what for

Repeat chorus
And take 'em all away
Lock 'em up
Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus

Louie was a loner and a big time al capone-er
Doin' all his dipping from the door
He knew a shady dealer who had done a dirty dj,
The sooner he could even the score

Repeat chorus

And lock 'em up
Help ya have a birthday, say
Take 'em all away

Composição de Phil Lynott
Colaboración y revision:
  • Marlon Leal
  • Fernanda Tavares
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