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Girl From Ipanema

Tom Jobim

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: G
Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from ipanema goes walking
And when she passae, each
F#7(11+)             Am7    Ab7  Db7M(9)  F#7(11)   
One she passes goes "a-a-ah"
When she walks she's like a samba that
G7(13)                                    Gm7
Swings so cool and sways so gentle, that when she passes
      F#7(11)                  F7M
Each one        she passes, goes  "a-a-ah!"
F#7M                    B7(9) 
Oh, but i watch her so sadly
 F#m7                   D7(9)
How   can i tell her i love
     Gm7                         Eb7(9)   
Her? Yes i would give my heart gladly
            Am7                       D7(9-)
But each day   when she walks to the sea
     Gm7                            C7(9-)    
 She looks straight a head not at me
 F7M                                 G7(13)
Tall  and tan young and lovely, The girl
From ipanema goes walking, and when
               F#7(11+)                 F7M
She passes i smile     but she doesn't see
F#7(11+)                  F7M  F#7(11+)  
        She just doesn't see
No, she doesn't see
Composición de Antonio Carlos Jobim / Norman Gimbel / Vinícius de Moraes
Colaboración y revisión:
  • O Netto
  • Leonardo Martins
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