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No More Blues

Tom Jobim

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
No more blues     I'm   goin? back home  
Bbm6    A7          Dm7  
No, no more blues     I promise no more to roam  
                E7        Am7                         Bb6 
Home is where the heart is     The fun and parties  
                           A7              A7/5+ 
My heart's been right there all along  
No more tears    And no more sighs  
Bbm6               A7    Am6                    D7/9b 
And no more fears    I?ll say no more good-byes  
              Gm7        A7   Dm7 
If travel beckons me      I swear I'm going to refuse  
                                      Bm6                         Dm7  (Em7  A7/6 A7/5+) 
I'm gonna settle down and    there'll be no more blues  
D7M  B7/5+  E7/9               Em7 
Everyday while I am far away  
                          G/A       A7/9b              Do  D7M 
My thoughts turn homeward, forever homeward  
I've travelled round this world in search of happiness  
                E7/9                                  G/A    A7/9b 
But all the happiness I found was in my hometown  
D7M                         E7/9 
No more blues      I'm going back home  
F#7                     Bm7            Bbm7    Am7      
No, no more blues     I'm through with all my wanderings  
D7/9    G7M                 Gm7                  F#m7                                     B7(5+) 
Now I'll settle down and live my life    build a home  and get me a wife 
                        E7/9             A7                       F#7 
When we settle down         There'll be no more blues  
 B7/9-                                       E7/9                                          
Nothing but happiness       When we settle down  
G/A                     B7/9+      B7/9-                                 D7M/9                    
There'll be no more blues           Nothing........                 blues
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