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Soldiers Daughter


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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 98 18:40:56 -0800
From: Tadpole Embryo 
Subject: "Soldier's Daughter" tab

Appears on the release Lemon Parade

Tablature done by Travis W. Gillison
* or S*

Tune Down 1/2 step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, eb)

Notes:  These rhythms are hard to tab, so you'll have to
listen to the CD and get the number of strums down.  That
is hard to notate....Also, learn to use your pinky...Other-
wise, you won't be able to play this song.  It's pretty easy,
once you learn the stretches, and the rhythms.  Also, to my
knowledge, Jeff or Emerson do *not* tune down 1/2 step, but
I always do when I play most of their songs.  They use a capo,
which will raise the pitch, but not the key.  Trust me, this
is as close as you will get...Maybe just lower in pitch.
Also, the lead is *not* transcribed...Only the rhythm.
Sorry.  Lastly, there a lot of individual notes that are
simply picked within the chord structure....Hard to notate....
Again, listen to the CD....Please e-mail me with any corrections.

Intro:  Riff 1                       Fill into Riff 1

-------5-5-----------3333----------|--3h3-----Riff 1-|

Fill after Riff 1 (fourth time)  Note:  This is a *tough
stretch*....It'll take some practice and some dexterity.


Verse riff

(Dsus2)                    (G)


Verse riff

It's the way he looks at you
That says to me
This isn't over
>From the outside looking in
You see there's nothing sacred here
Nothing sacred



You can bend...But you can't break....

Verse riff again

For the reasons out of our control
You try to make it roll
Like a dice away
But you say that you're all empowered here
This is obviously not clear enough
To me



You can bend...But you can't break....
You can't break


(G)        (A)                   (Dsus2)     (A)

Hey, little girl, keep dancin'....Hey, little girl....


Keep dancin' alone, 'cause there's not enough time in

(A)                 (C)

your day to keep you here....

Solo (Rhythm is chords for chorus)


Soldier's daugther, did your daddy...Did your daddy

(Dsus2)  First part of Verse riff

hurt you?  Did he make you feel bad?

(Bb)                                            (A)

Did he poison your views...With the water he was raised




Continue strumming (A)




Second solo (G, A, C, G)

Outro is first riff, ending in (Dsus2)

So over the hills he'd climb
Just to see her there in time
Just to watch the sun shine through her eyes
The sweet soldier's daughter
The sweet soldier's daughter

Final notes:  This is my first tab, but I think it's fairly
accurate....Again, please feel free to notify me of errors

"Soldier's Daughter" copyright 1996 EMI Blackwood Music/EM
and M Music Publishing (BMI)
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