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Just can't get to you


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
C                       Am   G   C              Am
I'm drivin' through the rain,    just to talk to you again
F                G              F                   G
Please don't run away this time, until I say what's on my mind
C                  Am           G   C                 Am
Tonight I need to stay with you,   this time I'm not passing through
F                    G                 F                       G
Tear down the walls around your heart, and though I know it's who you are
                    C            F                        Dm          F
I just can't get to you girl, oh yeah I just can't get to you
                     C               F                       Dm    F     G
If you won't let me through girl. Oh no, I just can't get to you
C                  Am         G    C                  Am
You say you really need me here,   so I can't let you disappear
F                G             F                 G
Even though it's getting late, somehow I seem to hesitate
Bb                            C          Am  Bb                  C       Am
You're afraid that you'll get hurt again.     Yes, I know how it feels
Bb                           C                 Dm        F
Don't surrender, that's not way to win, let it go let me in
Cause I just can't get to you
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