Cifra Club

The Elevator



1st floor decide what you`ll be one day
With a head full of comment and nothing to say
2nd floor mixed up it happens that way
Soon you realize that listening don`t pay
3rd floor in limbo, no easy moves
Up or down it`s time to choose


The elevators going up
Quick the door`s about to shut
Too late we`re full just hang around
It won`t be long - it won`t be long before it`s down

4th floor the job hunt and all that you ask
Is an honest day`s pay for an honest day`s graft
5th floor you may make a little more money
Now it`s apparent downstairs ain`t so fuuny
6th floor a mortgage, a collar and tie
2 weeks vacation in june or july


7th floor expenses and private schools
Pushing a pen you`re not turning the tools
8th floor position, respect and acclaim
Move up the 9th for fortune or fame
10th floor for investment and real estate
Recouping the redies before it`s tool late
11th floor the penthouse the final cut
With a head full of comment and a mouth that stays shut


Composición de Ali Campbell/Earl Falconer/Jim Brown/Norman Hassan/Robin Campbell/UB40
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Isabela Barbosa

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