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Buy This Game (feat. Chinx Drugz & French Montana)


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Chinx featuring Wale
Let's ride out on this

That drink up, off it
Bands, tossed it
Hands, off it
You had it, and lost it
All the money in the world couldn't buy this game
All the money in the world couldn't buy you fame

I'm talkin' niggas over hoes
Money over allat
Feds come an' getcha
Them niggas gon' fall back
Let's raise a toast to the niggas with ambition
That made it big but they started from they momma's kitchen
64 on that Chevelle
All about my mail
Coulda gotchu missin'
12 was the ticket
We get money on this side
Fuck them niggas talkin'
Breakin' up they defense
Choppin' up they offense
Devil want my soul
Models want my offspring
Numbers like Casino
Black Sam Rothstein
Coke boys in the building we gon' tear it up
All this game a nigga got you gon' compare to what

I'm tryna have it all
Do it for the have nots
Devil want my soul
And shawty want my last drop
Dollar and a dream
Ideas turn to millions
Questions turn to answers
Trap turn to mansions
Some niggas turn to haters
Some haters to fans
My idols turn to neighbors
Corner turn to stages
My life turn to pages
I'm tryna write a book
I'm waking up in cold sweat
Tryna write a hook
Jewelry ice cold
But hommie burnin' blocks
Nigga fly wings on
I'm talkin' Jeremy Scotts
Here's a hundred grand
Shawty fuck a pole
Go n' sky dive
N' drop it to the flo'

Family over money
Money over the bitches
We toast some bottles of Rosé
No roses over my niggas
You hatin', you say shit but you fakin'
Drown my lesses through VS's
Puffin' heavy, sippin' daily
I got my money upp
Give me funny looks
You mother fuckers is gutless
Niggas is tummy-tucks
Wow nigga no conscience around all these foul niggas
We don't respect niggas talkin' too much around women
If I get her she'll probly skip outta town with' me
And lie about that wet wet, I guess that's just denial river The Nile River
Sprite and pink, me and Chinx tryna feel another brinx
Double M G, we so street, well me I'm here to write and think

Pardon the interruption for this smoove smoke break
It's Evil Empire

Colaboración y revision:
  • Bruna Martins

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