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My name is Jonas


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
(afinação 1/2 tom abaixo)
(6/8 time)

* = down beat
  *               *               *               *

And then this is the loud part

(intro) C  Em7  Am  Em7  C  Em7  Am

Em7           C    Am  F
  My name is Jonas.
     G            C  Em7  Am
I'm carrying the wheel.
Em7                     C        Am  F
Thanks for all you've shown us.
G                 C  Em7  Am  Em7
This is how we feel.

C         Am
Come sit next to me.
F              G
Pour yourself some tea.
C          Am
Just like Grandma made
F                 G
When we couldn't find sleep.
C            Am
Things were better then.
F         G
Once but never again.
C          Am
We've all left the den.
F                G
Let me tell you 'bout it.

C                    Am           G      G
The choo-choo train left right on time.
C               Am        G      G
A ticket costs only your mind.
C                Am                G             G
The driver said  "Hey  man  we go all the way."
C                  Am         G
Of course we were willing to pay.

( C  Em7  Am  Em7  C  Em7  Am )

Em7          C      Am  F
My name is Weepel.
      G                 C    Em7  Am
Gotta box full of your toys.
Em7                   C          Am  F
They're fresh out of batteries.
            G          C        Am           F      G
But they're still makin' noise       makin' noise.

C            Am
Tell me what to do.
F              G
Now the tank is dry.
C               Am
Now this wheel is flat.
F                      G
And you know what else?
C             Am
Guess what I received 
F       G
In the mail today.
C         Am
Words of deep concern
F        G
From my little brother.

C                  Am            G         G
The building's not goin' as he planned.
C                Am          G          G
The foreman has injured his hand.
C              Am           G        G
The dozer will not clear a path.
C               Am                G        G
The driver swears he learned his math.
C                Am     G       G
The workers are goin' home. (x4)

(instrumental) Strum C fast up and down until you hear the chord changes (2 min 13 sec)   
 C  Am  F  G (4x)  (this is all fast up and down strumming also)

C                Am     G
The workers are goin' home. (x3)
C      Am     G
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

(instrumental 5x)  C  Am  F  G 
C  Am  G (one light strum)}

(and then at the plain acoustic strumming - 3 min 10 second into the song) 
C  Em7  Am  Em7 (2x)

My name is Jonas.
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    Composição: Jason Cropper / Patrick Wilson / Rivers Cuomo Colaboración y revision:
    • Igor Henrrique
    • felipe rosa

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