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Silent Waters


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: F
Intro 2x: Dm  Am  Bb  Gm 

Dm                 Am Bb          Gm
A day's light told me of my son's fate
    Dm             Am   Bb         Gm
The sun showed the way, grim and severe
       Dm        Am     Bb         Gm
Pulled under the raging waters, my child
Dm          Am       Bb           Gm      Dm
Sank in the drowning currents, my son, my son.

   Dm               Am        Bb            Gm
My strength is not enough, my powers failed me
  Dm               Am      Bb                Gm
I need the heavens help, I ask for thunder's force
  Dm                Am         Bb            Gm
I plead for you, oh lightning, forge an iron tool
  Dm             Am          Bb           Gm      Dm
A magic rake for dragging, a river for my son, my son.

Bb     Gm              Dm
God of fire bring your light
          C           Bb
Forger of sun help me now
         Gm                Dm            C
Guardian of the shore will sleep in your warmth
Bb       Gm             Dm
Lull the folk of cold water
           C               Bb
Banish the serpents of the dark
       Gm           Dm
To the river let me go
    C             Dm
and fetch my son away

( Dm  Am  Bb  Gm ) 2x

  Dm           Am   Bb               Gm
A rake made of iron from the Gods of skies
    Dm               Am   Bb          Gm
The spirit of bright days sent me the sun
Dm             Am        Bb              Gm
Cold troops of Tuoni can not stand in my way
  Dm              Am          Bb           Gm
Untouched I shall walk by the river of the night

repete refrão

Dm           Am   Bb Gm
My child, My son          (4x)

( Dm )
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