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Far From Me


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What happened to the way we used to laugh
The way we used to talk about everything
What happened to who you were
Are you still bleeding, suffering?
Where did the good times go?
Seems like everything has fallen apart
I'm left alone with a broken heart

How did we find a way to start a war?
When did this become a battle to settle the score?
And it feels like we're worlds apart
Stumbling in the dark, you're so far from me

What happened to who you used to be?
Where did you lose track of who you are?
Could it be me that changed?
Maybe I caused us to grow apart
I couldn't have guessed we'd end up this way
Fighting with our words like knives
Should we stay and fix what we've destroyed, or should we run for our lives?

You used to be the one I could rely on
You used to be my shoulder to cry on
Now everything around is burning to the ground
We've lost somehow you're far from me now
Maybe it's time we open our eyes
We've been so blind, we couldn't realize
We unknowingly killed everything that we built
All the memories inside of me have become my enemy
I've lost you so suddenly and you're so far from me

You broke my heart and it's still bleeding
Love is blind but I'm still seeing
After this now I'm believing
You're so far from me

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  • Mariane R.

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