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More Than Meets The Eye


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Tell me why I'm still feeling
The pain from your words
Tell me why I'm still bleeding
It's like we're in separate worlds
When did we fall apart
Why do you feel this way
All I wanted from the start
Was to color all this gray

Is it you
Is it me
Or is it something I can't see
Break my heart
Tear me apart
But I will never let go
We may be through
But I'm not over you
This doesn't feel right
Could there more than meets the eye

Tell my why I'm still reading
Your deadly words
Tell me why I'm still breathing
There's so much hurt
But how could you betray me
Do you ever care
Through the smoke I can't see
This isn't fair

I've been going on
For so long
I'm not that strong
I can't last
I'm fading fast
So much wasted time has passed
I am stained
By all the pain
Maybe I
Have gone insane
But I can't take it anymore
I'm picking myself off the floor
I'm coming back for you

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