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Reach (All Along)


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Take a look
Look at me
You only learn if you are listening
Find your own
Goal to reach
Although the road may be blistering
Can you say
You’ve been searching all your life?
There’s a way, there’s a will, and there’s a time
It all comes down to what, where, when and why

I’m not the one you need,
But I’ll be there to guide you
I’ll show the world to you
And everything I’ve been through
A broken mind, a battered song,
A spark of magic won’t keep you strong
But maybe it’s been in you all along

Find yourself
And you'll see
You can be what you've always dreamed you'd be
Learn to run
Learn to breathe
And you can learn to do most anything
When you fall, you'll stand up with brand new eyes
You will see you're even stronger to your surprise
So welcome to the first day of real life

Lead your dreams
Lend your thoughts
Leave your fears
Do your part
Dim your lights
Dare your heart
To try

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