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I guess I'm obscure
I guess I'm usual
I guess that's why they call me incapable
If I could make a change
Believe me I would try
I'd make something of this dead-end street called life

But maybe that's just it
Maybe I have to do
Something I've never wanted to
Maybe I'm not the same
Maybe I'm meant for more
I guess I'll see what tomorrow has in store

'Cuz I've been getting restless
And I have to confess this
Feeling held in my chest is
So hard to ignore
Been wanting satisfaction
When I have to take action
I want feel a reaction
Like never before

I guess I'm a fool
Another pair of eyes
To watch the broken world just pass me by
But is it that hopeless
Or am I seeing wrong
Have I been the change needed all along
Am I a part of this
Is it my chance to shine
Am I too late, or am I just in time
We're back to business now
It's time to face the crowd
It's time to show them I'll change the world somehow

I'm sick of standing, waiting for someone else
From here on I'm a different man, with a plan
I'm standing true holding all the world in my hands
And when they tell me I'm a useless pawn, they'll be wrong
I'll tell them I've been standing restless here for far too long

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