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You could tell me I deserved my sentence
But now I'm free
I won't pay my penance
Your hostility towards me is a score I have to settle
I can feel the rage burning in my veins
Uncaged I'm going to take the reigns
You're dethroned now begins an age of pain
I'll make your castles fall
This time it's personal

Hate can kill
But I'm a killer
So be still
I'll watch you wither
Don't you underestimate
The kind of mess that I can make
If I'm your king
You'll bow before me
Here's the twist
In your sad story
It's time to meet your bitter end
'Cuz nothing tastes so sweet as revenge

Betrayed by my own bloodline
I was cast away
Now vengeance is mine
I've come too far to give up on my plan to win our battle
Forgiveness would only mean you've won
I find my way to be so much more fun
I think you'll find there's nowhere you can run
Now look me in the eye
And say your last goodbye

I guess it's not your fault
You only fought my crime
But that's not what matters to me
This is a venom of mine
There's still bad blood
There's a bad grudge
I can feel it ruling me
Oh this hate won't let me see
Might be something better here
Maybe I'm wrong, as it appears
But revenge is so satisfying

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