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Set Me Free


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I killed a dream
When I broke a promise to you
I tore the seam
That we had been holding on to
I took a chance, my envy surged
But I could not control the urge
No, I never should have hurt you
Now I'm waiting for the year
That my sentence disappears
I'm in a prison of regret

Set me free, set me free
I don't want to believe
This is me, this me, it can't be
Done with pride, down with hate
I've watched my anger recede
Look and see, you've changed me, set me free

I lived and learned
When I broke a promise to you
I crashed and burned
You'll never know the hell I've been through
Serving beneath a higher power
Ruling from a castle tower
It was so hard for me to bear
And now you have to understand
That I have learned my lesson and
Now I want to clear the air

No hard feelings
Let's start reeling
Time back to before
You entrapped me
Managed to catch me
And do so much more
I've controlled it
I can hold it
The nightmare inside

No secrets here
I'm crystal clear
There's nothing left to hide
So I implore you
Look before to
Who I was back then
Think of me and
Set me free
To let this torture end

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