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Voices Of The Crowd


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Let's speak up for the silent voices
Stop making so many blind choices
Stand up for what you know is right
Don't look away for just one minute
Don't ignore the fire, because you're in it
Don't leave broken ones alone tonight

We are the song
Of the weak and the strong
We're knocking down the walls
Holding us back for so long
We are the hope
For those at the end of their rope
Screaming so loud
We're the voices of the crowd

Let's cry out for the broken hearted
Don't give up because we've just started
This is a revolution that will never end
Don't give up if you've been discouraged
You've gotta stand up and show your courage
It's for a purpose that you've been sent

We are the fire that won't burn out
We are the force that won't go down
Threaten us but we'll stand our ground
We are the voices of the crowd

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