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Wake Me When It's Over


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Think I need to bleed to heal it
Think I want to start by feeling human
To keep on moving
In it for the absolution
Safety from the persecution out there
Beneath the nightmare

So wake me when it's over
When high above
The morning sun arrives unbroken
No more final words are spoken anymore
Don't listen to the screaming
The night is long and
Fire won't scare the monsters sober
Promise me you will wake me when it's over

Tempt me with the purest fire
Kill me with the blood's desire, to break the seal
So nothing's real
Take me where the blood runs colder
Wake me when the dream is over or let me go
Into the depths below

Fear the blood
Fear the beast
For the hunt
They will feast
And they're feasting
On whatever's left
After sinners confess
And the kindling ignites
On the darkest of nights
To the moon
To redeem
It's the stench
It's the screams
And I'm fighting
A rush and a torrent
Of blood and abhorrence
When I can't wake up from this dream

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