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You Found Me


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Here I am, blood and bone
With a soul I've let go
Unlike the rest, to the test
I'd score average at best
You hold the cards, won my heart
You had it from the start
I've been half of our duet
I just didn't know it
And I watched from far away and never thought you'd be mine
It took so long to find that I had you all this time

And I heard a million voices
Calling out from the path of wrong choices
They thought they could set the world free
I watched the world rewinding
But suddenly I'm finding
I wasn't looking for you, but you found me

Here I am, take my hand
I'll show you a new land
It's my world, it's my heart
And it's fallen apart
But you can save what is left
And fill in all the rest
Seal the cracks in my soul
Now you've patched every hole
It wasn't long ago, I doubted you'd be mine
And now i'm amazed to find that I had you all this time

I know it won't always be the easy way
But we'll make it to see another day
Just when I think it's over I'll look and I'll see
You've been gazing back, ever since you found me

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