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The Blessings

Dar Williams

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Am
INTRO: F  C  Em  Am   F  G

          F                                            C           Em
If you're gonna get your heart broke, you better do it just right
              Am                              F          G
It's gotta be raining and you gotta move your stuff that night
        Am                                 F              G
And the only friend you can reach, isn't a good friend at all
And you know when he says, “Now who dumped who?”
         F                          G
That you never should have made that call

I had blessings
               C                     G
There's nobody there, there's nobody home
Yeah, the blessings
       F            G              Am
At the moment I was most alone and aimless as a fulltime fool
     C          G
The joke was on me
      Am                     F           G
I got all those birds flying off of that tree
         F          C  Em  Am   F  G  
That's a blessing

        F                                 C                  Em
And the blessings were like poets that we never find time to know
    Am                                         F        G
But when time stopped, I found the place where the poets go
         Am                                          F              G
And they said, “Here have some coffee, it's straight black and very old”
         Am                                     F                G
And they gave me sticks and rocks and stars and all that I could hold

I had blessings
            C                         G
A moment of peace even when the night ends
Yeah, blessings
       F            G                 Am
Can we meet? Can we meet again at the crossroads of disaster 
        C         G
And the imperfect smile
         Am                                  F            G
With the angel in the streetlamp that blinks on as I walk on a mile
  F           C  Em  Am   F  G  
The blessings

        Am                               F              G
And the best ones were the ones I got to keep as I grew strong
        Am                           F                  G
And the days that opened up until my whole life could belong
                      F                     C            G
It's like getting the answers, when I don't need them anymore
                Am                      F                     Em
I'm finding the pictures, and I finally know what I kept them for
    Am            C       G
I remember, I can see them
See them smiling, see them stuck
         F                G
See them try, I wish them luck
  F                C  Em  Am    F  G  
And all the blessings

     F                                            C
I was fast asleep at three in the morning, when I got the payphone call
        Am                                       F         G
And she said, “Did I wake you up”, I said, “Hey, no, not at all”
        Am                               F                  G
And she said, “I got this suitcase and I don't know what to pack”
      Am                               F      G
And I said, “You can take anything you want,
          F                     C                   G
Just wait and see, it's not a release, it's not a reward
It's the blessings,
         F                G
It's the gift of what you notice more,” 
      Am                                    C               G
And I walked out and I watched her kick the big pile of the night
       Am                              F                 G
And we sat down and we waited for that strange and empty light
          F               C    Em  
Yeah, the blessings, aah, aah, aah

         Am                                C                G
See them smiling, see them stuck, see them try, I wish them luck
    F                C  Em  Am
And all the blessings
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