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I've been waiting a long time
But time won't be my friend
'Cause time ain't got a heart
Time won't be for nothing
I've got the time, but I haven't got the time
To listen to anything else but
I'm something, I'm nothing
And I just worry about getting money
'Cause I'm busy earning
And time is always on my side

What do I want from time?
Well not that much, you see
'Cause I don't own time
But time does not own me
But time ain't my friend
But time is not my fear
'Cause time is only days and months and years
Of regret, 'cause I didn't make the most of time
I'm too busy earning
I only worry about getting money

Yeah I want that, I want that
Yeah I just wanna get on that ship
I am the leader
Yeah I want you instead of me

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