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Let 'er Rip

The Chicks (Dixie Chicks)

Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
tone: A
A                                 E 
I can tell theres something you want to tell me. 
    A                                          B       B 
Its killing you cause the words aren't hard to find. 
Bm     A                          E 
I know you want to break it to me gently 
           F#m                      B               B        B 
Well sweet baby say what's on your mi  i    ind 
          E E           E E 
Let 'er rip   Let er' fly   
Come on baby say it  Do you think I'm going to cry? 
A                                     E 
Ain't about to bawl and I ain't gonna die. 
B                            A 
SO if your gonna say goodbye don't talk all day and nighht. 
          E E           E E 
Let er' rip   Let er' fly   
A                                                     E 
Whay all the drama we don't have to drag out the situation 
A                                                       E 
it wasn't you it wasn't me sometime the chemistry don't ignite 
A                                                         E 
There ain't no rings, no mortgage, there ain't any complications 
A                                  B 
Just a hyphenated word Get it out, I'm sure I'll be alright 
Repeat Chorus 
A                     E 
It ain't no big deal, Ain't no great lost 
A                         E 
You and I are on the same train of thought 
A                         E 
You don't have to tell me where to get off  
Mabye I've misunderstood You 
If your leaving, baby, would you  
Repeat Chorus
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Composed by Billy Crain / Sandy Ramos
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