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tono: F#
From * (Peter Simko)
Date: 15 Mar 1994 00:58:33 GMT

        Hi All.  I've picked up a few gems here and there over
the last couple of months so I guess it's time to start
contributing as well.  Much thanks to the genius who posted
Pleiades by King's X!
        Anyway, what we have here is essentially the intro to
I've also managed to pick out to first couple of arpeggios
that immediately follow.  Obviously, this is by no means complete!
If anyone out there has more, or wants to make corrections, feel
free! I'd like this to be a group effort, if at all possible.

        Key of F#min  (I think, I suck with theory)
F#                   C#sus4     F#                  C#sus4

I'm not convinced that the C#sus4 is right, but there are two
guitars going here, and it's tough to get the voicing exactly
        From here...

Play me Old King Cole....
  Bm                             F#

                       >snip here<

        And that's it for now!  Sorry!  I'm pretty sure the next
chord stays F# but with a different arpeggio.  By the way, before
I get flamed for posting such a tiny chunk of such a great song,
let me just add that I have figured out more of the song, but I
don't want to just throw in all the different bits until I get
the bits in between.
        Don't forget, the live version has three guitars going
at once, so this is going to be real ugly when I finish it.

More Guitar, less Thesis!

From: christopher b king bmed stnt 

on Broadway" when they play live (Check out Seconds Out to see what
I mean)

Here are the major patterns for the first bit (the "she's a lady" part)

all below are 2 beats each...
 F# pattern    D#m pattern   C# pattern   E pattern  

Below is 8 beats (2 measures)
 F# pattern 2

Putting it together:
(the chord name is the pattern name here. each "/" is 1 beat)

|F# /  F#  / |F# / F# / |D#m /      D#m    /        |D#m  /  D#m  /|
                             She's a lady, she's got time        Oh
                             She's a lady, she is mine           Oh

C#       /         C#   /    |E    /    E    /       |F# no. 2 :||
   Brush back your hair, and let me get to know your face
   Brush back your hair, and let me get to know your flesh.

Now Tony comes in on the organ.  
Organ:  |F#  B  C#  F# |/. B     C# F# C#|   D#m. A#m D#m. A#m |
                                    I've been waiting here for so long
You stand there with your fixed expression casting doubt on all I have to say

|C#  G#m  B  /          |F#.  E  F#          E F#| E. F#  E  F# E |
            and all this time has passed me by            It hardly seems to
           why don't you touch me, touch me why don't you touch me, touch me

         |B.   E  F#  E  B  E  |F# / / / :||
          matter now 
touch me now now now now now
||: F# .  E  F# E B E |B .  E F# E B E F# :||  repeat this a few times
                       now now now now now


|B / / / |C# / / / |F# / / / | B / / / |C# / / / | F# / / B C# |F#

The rapidly alternating part flips between an F# and a C#, and 
finally ends on F#

Sorry there's no solo here, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.
Questions, comments, corrections all welcome. If anyone has the rest
of this, I'd love to see it!


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