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Planet X

Hed Pe

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Honey, I'm home!
Would you come here and look at this?
There's something funny up in the sky!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Honey, look it's your doom!

The Sky is falling.

Here comes Planet X!

The Mayan and the Hopi
Foretold it would come
Nazi ships revealing
The Second Sun
It's time to face yourself
And all that you've done
And I've done
Nibiru's on it's way
There's nowhere to run

The Sky is falling.

Flyby, shift,
I know that many were lost
The powers of the ***
Would just ***
The Family did survive
And took its first breath
Building our new world
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We start once again

The Sky is falling.

Planet X is the force, needed to finally break the absolute control, that this hidden, reptillian race, has had over Earth since they won a battle in space, thousands of years ago.

Gaia was dying
But now she can
show us her face
Darkness has left
Will reign in its place
The gods ***
That the children
Could play on the beach
Five thousand, one hundred
Twenty five more years
To teach, and learn

Honey, I'm home!
Come out here and take a look at this thing.
Theres something funny up in the sky.

The Sky is falling.

Planet X is incoming, and we're gonna have a global panic, but I and, others who have been understanding what I've been learning, are gonna jump for joy. I am going to be so happy, to see that planet. Does that sound crazy?

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