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The Frog Prince


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: F
[Intro] F  Bb7M/F 

F  Bb7M/F
Você pode tocar essa parte usando Fá e Fá com nona pestanados que 
vai dar o efeito que fica por traz da música. Escute a música pra se 
situar na hora de mudar de acorde 

F               Bb7M 
An old fairytale told me 
F                    Bb7M
The simple heart will be prized again 
F                  Bb7M
A toad will be our king 
F               Bb7M
Ugly ogres our heroes 

Then you'll shake 
Dm7/C                C 
Your fist at the sky 
   Dm7/C          C 
"Oh why did I rely 
Bb7M              Gm7    C7 
On fashions and small fry?" 

( F  F9 ) 

F             Bb7M  
All promises broken 
F                    Bb7M 
Feed your people or lose your throne 
F                       Bb7M 
And forfeit your whole kingdom 
F                       Bb7M                  C 
I'd sooner lose it than still live in it alone 

Dm7/C                   C 
You were our golden child 
Dm7/C                    C 
But the gentle and the mild 
Dm7/C         Gm7       C 
Inherit the earth, while 


 F     Gm7       Dm 
Your prince's crown 
Bb           F
Cracks and falls down 
      Gm7     C7        Bb7M
Your castle hollow and cold 
F          Gm7      Dm 
You've wandered so far 
Bb                  F 
From the person you are 
Gm7      C7          Bb7M
Let go brother, let go 
    Bb6     C7   F 
Cos now we all know

Dm  C6  Am                Bb7M
Soon, someone will put a spell on you 
Dm   C6   Am               Bb7M              Gm7 
Perfume, treasure, sorcery, every trick they know 
You will lie in a deep sleep 
That's when

[Final] F  Gm7  Dm  Bb
        F  Gm7  C7  Bb7M
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Richard Hughes / Tom Chaplin
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  • André Mello
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