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Kelly Clarkson

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G
Intro: Em  G  Em  G

 Em               G
I'm strong but I break
 Em                                    G
I'm stubborn and I make plenty of mistakes
Yeah, I'm hard
And life with me is never easy
To figure out, to love
I'm jaded but i'm so lovely
All you have to do is hold me
G                      A
And you know, and you see just
How sweet it can be
If you trust me, 
           G         A    
love me, let me, maybe
  G                             Em
Someday when we're at the same place
                                     G                              Em
Or we're on the same road when it's okay to hold my hand
                          G                                   C
Without feeling lost without all these excuses
  G                        A
When it's just because you love me
                                         C           G  A
You let me you need me maybe maybe
All you have to do is hold me
G                            A                          
And to know and to see just how sweet it can be
          C                             G                 A
If you trust me love me let me baby maybe

                            Em                                 G
I'm confusing as hell yeah I'm north and south
                                       C                        A
And I'll probably never have it all figured out 
But what I know is I wasn't meant
To walk this world without you
And I promise I'll try I'm gonna try
                    C                 A
To give you every little part of me
Every single detail you miss with your eyes
And maybe, maybe yeah maybe
          C          A                  Em
Yeah maybe, maybe yeah maybe maybe

One day we'll be together
You'll need me you'll see me completely
                    C                         A                              Em
Every little bit of me oh and maybe you'll love, you'll love me then

                               C                   G                    A
I don't want to be tough and I don't wanna be proud
                               C                   G                    A
I don't need to be fixed and I certainly don't need to be found
                                     C                 G                   A 
I'm not lost I need to be loved I just need to be loved
                             C                    G      
I just want to be loved by you and I won't stop
         A                                            Em
Cause I believe that maybe yeah maybe
                      G              Em          G
Maybe yeah maybe maybe maybe…

I should know better than to touch the fire twice
           G                                                             C
But I'm thinking maybe, yeah maybe you might
       G              A
Maybe, love maybe
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