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Miles Away


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: G
        C                               G
Do you ever think that we might be the same
           C                                 G
Or do you see the world in such a different way?
It seems that parties, raves and lazy summer days
          G       C G
Are now a crime

And if you're old or young

Just wanna have a little fun
                  G         C G
Then you're outta line

            Em                 D
So tell me once again the real cause of all this pain
Weren't you once young before?
           C                 D
Didn't you try to change the score?
  Em                      D
I can't believe it was so many years ago

Have you forgotten how it feels
       C            D
To run naked in the fields?
  C             G
I hope it's not so

  C                                     G
I always hope this place might stay the same
        C                              G
But you reached the point of no return again
Another age old face is being burnt and raped
             G       C G
For a moment away

Well, it's the price you say

That we all have to pay
               G        C G
For a minute's say

I just can't believe
It's really worth the bloody grief
With the money that you save
         C           D
You just take a life away

And all the blood you steal
From all the people that you fear
You're using it to pay
        C                 D
For the fuck-ups that you made
  C              G
I know that it's so
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