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Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Eb
E|-----------3-----3-----------3----------------------------------    4 x 

Slap me Daft, we sat down in the back of the class 
To seize knowledge we don´t need, I forgot my late pass 
But I´m early to a arival beatbox, you got raps? 
Meet me on the football field, don´t sleep on field, the quarterback 
No one clapped when we locked in, it was removal of our class 
But my flag got captured and I fell between the cracks 
My tool for inspiration turned into a handicap 
No matter how I tried, I just couldn´t fill the gaps 
Those whipper snappers, they got trapped old chap 
They lost the way, they never had the right map 
Needed a sneak attack to slap the demons off my back 
So I packed for the schddle dreamed big I wouldn´t settle 
Put the pedal to the metal and returned to fundamentals 
I´ll never forget running through the hall with all y´all rebels 
Roaming through the high land, young bucks invincible 
Echoes in my brain, if kids report to the principle 

Refrão -------------
Ab Substance dulls the mind Fm Traif* wine clouds the heart Cm You can´t sew a stitch with one hand Bb While you´re taking it apart Ab Bright lights might look nice Fm But they sure won´t make you sharp Cm You can´t sew a stitch with one hand Bb While you´re taking it apart
Eb Yeah, misty morning and my mum´s a mess Gm To make matters worse dog my pops is stressed Fm Life is a test, make the grade or catch an F Gm Now death is all that´s left to ponder I wander off hoping to catch my breath Eb And hold it, mold my memories from untold scripts Gm And roll up in a tornado twist, now I´m certain Fm There´s a pertinent reason I´m on this earth Gm Seasons change in white plains, but we remain alert Eb When new school years appear, fools fear for a failure Gm And crawl away in tears Fm I play Popeye the Sailor and stay with spinach We walk the halls with a grimace Gm Yeah they gossip in groups I try to mind my business and tell the truth Eb Gm For instance, I listen, see it all with basketball court vision Ignoring ignorance in fields of fiction Fm We lean back in the calmest position Gm And embrace the honesty found within our tension What´s good? Refrão Introdução: e|------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------------------------- G|------------------------------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------------------------------- A|---3-3-3----1-------3-3-3----1------------------------- E|-----------3-----3-----------3----------------------------- Trapped in the elevator of your mind Is it real, what will you find behind the door Your imaginations put you in a bind Around you there´s a cloud of gloom Swallow the key, lock yourself in a room Can´t see outside of your Universe Eb Gm No more war, there won´t be anymore hunger No jealousy, not even competition Fm Let go, release, you hold the keys Gm Time we evaporate into the breeze Eb We are nothing, we are something Gm Let go, release, you hold the keys Fm It´s time we evaporate into the breeze Gm We are nothing, we´ll be something Eb Welcome to the desert of my soul Gm You can stay if you like Fm There´s room for one more Gm There´s room for one more
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