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At Your Funeral

Pinhead Gunpowder

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: A

D5  B5  G5  A5


A5  E5   G5  D5  E5

A5 E5  B5  

At your funeral
Things will be different
I will feel so good

I'll pass out cigars
Bring a big ol' cake
a keg, yes!
I can hardly wait

Until they read your eulogy
I'll laugh at your family
Let's be honest guys,I'll say
"Better late than never

There were lines I didn't want crossed
There were times spent sick with regret
Sleepless nights replaying in my head
But then I opened my eyes
To the light of the news
I'm so glad I live to the day

Hey! At your funeral
Our old friends will be surprised to see me smiling again
I'll bring a date
Rolling in the flowers we'll make
Ourselves at home
I can hardly wait 

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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Aaron Cometbus
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