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The Stupid Things

Robin Thicke

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: G
LINK! : * ( I don't know htlm but anyway...the adress is there 

Tabbed by:      Simon Damoah
Email:          *

Tuning: E

Hey, couldn't find any tab of this song so i figured i'd give it a shot.
Let me know what u think ;). Love this guys music.

     Am            F#m    Am        D              F      G F G        F  E

Am              F#m          Am         D
Just charge it to my account I hope I haven't gone
F                   E
over my limit, With interest rates so swift
Am           F#m           Am            D
No need to scream and shout, no doubt if women are from
F                E
Venus now...I'll get to them somehow

A       C#m          D     E
All I want to do is please you please myself by
F#m    E       D
living my life too

             F                          E
And all the stupid things I do have absolutely no reflection on
A          C#m       D          E
How I feel about you How I feel about
             F                          E
All the stupid things I do have absolutely no reflection on
A          C#m       D          E
How I feel about you how I feel about you yeah
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