Cifra Club

Could You Bite The Hand

Steve Conte

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: B
Intro: Abm  Gb

        Abm     Gb        Abm         Gb
Another gun for hire and just another day
Abm          Gb             Abm      Gb        Bsus9
When you are done, you just abuse it, whatever you say
   Abm      Gb             Abm                      Gb
If you were offered some, would you wanna bite the hand?
Abm          Gb             Abm            Gb       Bsus9
Would you betray a friend to prove you're cold then walk away?

We were born with nothin' I don't want, but you need something
You want glory, I need none and it's coming between us

           Ebm   E
People are born with
           Abm     Gb
People are born without
Some people have
          E         Am         Gb
And others want what some go without
            Ebm   E
Some people live free
            Abm       Gb
Some people just want more
        A      Bsus9
As for me I got all that I need

( Abm  Gb )

Abm          Gb
Do you still think that
         Abm                 Gb
We're not brave if we don't bleed?
Abm                Gb        Abm          Gb
We've seen so much blood and violence already
How much do you need?
    Abm       Gb                Abm           Gb
You howl and fight your war and talk of being free
Abm           Gb               Abm          Gb            Bsus9
Won't let you in, they're just usin' you so why won't you see?
     Abm        Gb           Abm           Gb
Some people are born so much closer to the sun
   Abm             Gb                Abm        Gb
Holdin' out their hands and grabbin' golden rays
They are the chosen few
    Abm             Gb            Abm        Gb
But we both know of course that's not you or me
           Abm         Gb        Abm                 Gb
And I'd be telling the truth if I said it don't matter
So how bout you?

Can you tell me really you don't need it, you don't want it
If you can, cool, if you can't, the difference between us

     Abm                 Gb
Some people are always reachin'
         Abm                    Gb
For some things that they don't need
     Abm       Gb                    Abm             Gb       Bsus9
I'll tell you now with thoughts like that there will never be enough
Abm            Gb                  Abm              Gb
Some people always struggling for something that is not
Abm            Gb                    Abm              Gb         Bsus9
I'll tell you something now that I'm really just fine lovin' what I got
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