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Aquí vienen los blue jeans


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

You've got those old blue jeans baby
God save me
You've got those blue jeans baby
I mean, God save me
There's no more light in the sky, oh !
There's no more sun
There's no more moon
There's no more sea in the sea, oh !
And you know I'll find it soon
Those blue jeans got me down
Those blue jeans got me down
Hey !, what happened there , man ?
I dont know
They got me down
See the look in your eyes
Those jeans got me and you down
Everything is good
Everything is wrong
Everything is understood
Everything is gone
Those blue jeans got the best in
Those blue jeans got the best out of me

Colaboración y revision:
  • Leon Carelli

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