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Ooh!!!... in the morning yeah
Ooh!!!... without warning yeah
I've got a big bamboo yeah
Up there in Yapeyu
I've got a big Nandu
And he runs 'round the pampa
And he runs 'round my house
And he drives me crazy
And he bites my brown cow, now
And you know she's so lazy
But... Ooh!... in the morning
Ooh!... without warning
You know I reallylove you
You know I really really need you
But I'm so confined now
I can't feed you
I can't even read you
But I really,really love you
I'd like to buy a little bike,now
and drive over and see you

Composição de Diego Arnedo/Luca Prodan
Colaboración y revision:
  • Leon Carelli

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