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I Know You

The White Buffalo

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: A
Am             G
I know you
     D        D
We've been here before
Am          G
No surprises
 D          D
A settled score

  Am            G
I know the darkness
 D               D
From inside
 Am      G
Reckless rage
   D           D
And poisoned pride

  Am           G
I know the weakness
 D            D
I know the pain
 Am           G
I know the fear
 D            D
The tomb I made

    Am               G
And the one who comes to find me
D                     D
When my time is through
 Am           G
I know you
  D            D
Yeah, I know you
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    Composição: The White Buffalo Colaboración y revision:
    • Rafael Kufner

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