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Emergency Broadcast :: The End is Near


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At the end of it all
We will be sold for parts
We will try to rebuild
But we ate it all away
All ambitions now run dry
Someone stop this thing, turn it off
In search of new life
Nothing will be left to walk this earth again

Turn it off

Our hopes and dreams will be swallowed alive
We always said it wouldn't end up like this

We will be the new ice age
We will be the new plague
Disguised as a colony
We will wipe them all away
Feast your eyes or just rip 'em out
This is it for us
It's time to panic

We always said it wouldn't end
It wouldn't end up like this

We are the cancer
We are the virus
Tell me it's not too late

Composición de Aaron Gillespie/Spencer Chamberlain/Underøath
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Ighor Duarte
  • saicu

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