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Walk away


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
Verse 1

Am                                  Em 
Here we are   Just a little older   Time goes by   

But did I ever tell you why

   C            G
I  want you so much

Am                                                 Em
You came to me   When you were not around   You´ll always be 
                           F         C              G 
The one to understand that why   I can´t  miss your touch

Em      Am      F              C
All my life   I waited for someone

     Em         F       C       G    A
And all this time   You are the one so


D                                         A
If you wanna a man that is here to stay   Swearing he´s forever true
               Em                 Bm         A     D 
I´ll never walk away   I´ll never give up on you   And if you wanna
a love that will save the day
No matter what your going what you´ re going trough 

I´ll never walk away   

Bm         A                  D
I´ll never walk out on you

Verse 2

I´ve been of fool   I didn´t see behind a the friend in you
But baby don´t ask me why
It just couldn´t  be love   Cause from the start
You would be the one to cure my heart
But I just didn´t look this way   And now I can get enough
All my life
I waited for someone
And all this time you are the one so


C                              G               C 
And with a kiss you turned  my world around   The greatest 

rush of all was to be found  (oh yeah) 

Dm                          F               C         
You changed my whole life   Coloured up the dark skies   And 

Am      C       G   A 
This I promisse you oh

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    Composição: Per Magnusson Colaboración y revision:
    • Carla Alcantara

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