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Dead Man's Eyes


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Cm
[Intro] Cm  Eb  Bb  F
        Ab  Eb  Bb  F

Cm                             Gm
A narrow path through hallowed grounds
Cm                      G
A silent walk among the clouds
Eb                             Gm
A pile of stones hidden in the pine
Eb                           G
Only seen through dead man's eyes
Cm                        Gm
Autumn leaves turn brandy wine
Cm                         G
Fall and dance in the wind outside
Eb                          Gm
A shadow wanders though the fog
Eb                         G
Searching for the light it lost

Cm      Eb
I'm not afraid
        Bb      Fm
Because I'm not alone
Ab            Eb
She's waiting there
   Bb       Fm
To carry me home

( Cm  Gm  Cm  G )

Cm                                      Gm
A lifetime written in his weathered red face
Cm                             G
Every triumph, every fall from grace
Eb                       Bb
Another winters come and gone
It won't be long
It won't be long

G       Bb
I'm not afraid
F               Cm
Because I'm not alone
Eb            Bb
She's waiting there
F           Cm
To carry me home

( Gm  Bb  F  Cm )

I'm coming home
I'm coming home!
I'm coming home!
I'm coming home!
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
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