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A Far Cry


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: F
Dm     Am
In the dead of night
       C            G
On the wings of the wind
  Bb       C     Dm
I hear the ocean bell
With a flash of light
       C            G
In the beat of the dark
    Bb       C      D   D#
The sound I know so well

   Bb            F      D#
I shall never forget you
      Bb      F
It's been so long
          C          G      F
I should never have left you
    C          A
The call so strong

       Dm   Am          Bb    F
It's a far cry from the wild world
   G         A
I wanna get back to you
       Dm    Am          Bb   F G
Such a long road to the homeland
               A            Dm
I must make my way to a far cry

Dm        Am
From the chords of the earth
        C            G Bb   C     Dm
To the depths of the sea I will return
    Am                           C            G    Bb
As I look to the hill through the eyes of the storm
  C            D
I touch the flame

(Refrão 2x)
Composición de Geoffrey Downes / Grant Hart / John Payne
Colaboración y revisión:
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