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An Extraordinary Life


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tono: G
G         Bm         Em7                  Bm
A perfect day or so I say from where  I'm standing
G           Bm               Em7            Bm
This rollercoaster ride fate will decide the ending
A         G          A         G
Love everlasting or lost on the way
G                 Bm                   Em7             Bm
The smiles and the frowns, the ups and downs of fortune turning
G              Bm                 Em7                  Bm
The twists and turns, the lessons learned, the bridges burning
A           G           A      F#
Nights to remember and never forget

C         G  Am        Em
Go, seize the day, wake up and say
    F          Fm        C     G
This is an extraordinary life  ooooh
C       G   Am        Em
Enjoy today, come what may
    F           Fm        C      G
This is an extraordinary life   ooooh

G        Bm                 Em7            Bm
I gave it all my cards have fallen but I'm still alive
G          Bm              Em7       Bm
And in the end believe my friend I will survive
A         G             A          F#
Glory and heartache and some of the joy


A           Em        A               Em
All of the good times and all of the bad
A        Em       A       D
Responsibility is totally mine I know
  C               E
I rightly stand accused
         G#m            Bm                A
But I believe, yeah, I believe Yes I can change my world

Composición de Downes / John Wetton
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