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The Man Who Left Himself


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
C        F
All good people
     D#        G#
Your time will come
C       F
Work forever
    D#           G
And still not be done
C          A#
Close your tired eyes
No one knows you've gone
C           F
It's not forever
      D#           G
But today you've become
    F       B       G#
The man who left himself

G |------------5--
D |--666--999--5--
A |--666--999--3--
E |--444--777-----

C       F
Don't belong here
     D#              G#
Your heart beats too fast
C        F
Feel the miss-beat
It starts and it stops
C        A#
Don't be frightened
These things never last
C       F
Maybe tomorrow
     D#             G
Your time will have past

         F       B       G#
It's the man who left himself
    F       B       G#
The man who left himself

D |--666--999--
A |--666--999--
E |--444--777--

E |---------5------3--
B |---------5-----4---
G |-5---2/-------3----
D |-5-----------------
A |-3-----------------
E |-------------------
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