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To The End


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
                                D*           Em   E7  Em7

E |--------------------------[----10--------[--12---11---10--10---|
B |------------------0----3--[----10--------[--12---12---12--12---|
G |------0-----2-------------[-.--11----x5--[--12---12---12--12---|
D |---4----------------------[-.------------[---------------------|
A |--------------------------[--------------[---------------------|
E |--------------------------[--------------[---------------------|

Em7                     D*
All those dirty words   (jusqu'a la fin)
                         Em      E7
They make us look so dumb   (en plein soleill)
Em7                        D*
Been drinking far too much    (jusqu'a la fin)
                            Em    E7              Em7
And neither of us mean what we say  (en plein -mour)

G6               A6
Well you and i
Collapsed in love,
A6      Dsus9  D                    E
And it looks like we might have made it
       Gadd9                A
Yes it....looks like we've made it to the end

(verse 2) (same foreign language lyrics apply)

What happened to us?
Soon it will be gone forever
Infatuated only with ourselves
And neithr of us can think straight anymore
Composición de Alex James / Damon Albarn / Dave Rowntree / Graham Coxon
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