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Young And Lovely


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: D
       Bm                     C                 A

G                 F                       A
Friday's child is planning to out for the first time
       C#m         F#m    G
(says) Don't worry mum, I won't be out that late
G                      F                               A
Can't be playing those passive games right now they're out of date
C#m            F#m            G
You're awfully sweet, haven't got the time
        A               B
Growing up so fast, got better things to do.....
G       D            Em                        Bm
You can get what you want, you're so young and lovely
C      A
Oh oh, la la la


G                     F                                  A
Kicking around in the center of the town looking through shop windows
C#m        F#m        G
Those mannequins look far too real at night
G                      F                             A
Friday's child doesn't know if it's awake or if it's dreaming
       C#m         F#m       G               A
(says) Don't worry dad, I'll do my bit, I'll raise the flag
I'll be just like you.....

(refrão 2x)
      G              A              B
Don't worry mum, I'm not that dumb, I'll be just like you.....

(intro 2x)

(refrão 4x)

G  D  Em           Bm        C   A
Oh oh why, why you do it? oh oh, la la la
(I think that's what Damon's saying)
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Acordes para:
    Composição: Blur / Damon Albarn Colaboración y revision:
    • Aline Marques

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